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Date: 30 October 2012 15:53 (UTC)
You write the most amazing fics and the most amazing comments. I read this one twice and it's very possible that I'll read it again after posting this answer, because I'm that vain. Thank you so much for these very lovely words, I'm so glad someone whose stories I love so much loves my story too.

Some days ago I was re-reading passages of Given in Evidence (because you can't read good literature too much :D) and having a look at the comments, and in chapter 16 I came across a comment from you, saying to Verity about me, "Why does this woman not write all day every day. We would be laughing our lovely little guts out." And I thought, "Oh my God she will be sooo disappointed if she reads Nightwatch!" Because it's not really a "laughing-our-lovely-little-guts"-inducing fic. But it could be worse, you know. I could write hilarious fics and angsty comments. :D But you're not disappointed and I'm delighted. Also, I demand that from now on you send comments in which you call me Magnificent Chocolamousse to ME and not to Verity! :D

Thank you again for your kindness and your encouragement. I wrote two other fics actually, and I'll post them very soon. By the way, thank you for your advice about our_bbcsherlock, I'll post there too. And thank you for friending me! :-)
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