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Date: 29 October 2012 17:05 (UTC)
Ben Oh my god gif
You did it you did it you did it!!! *dances around the office* Welcome, welcome, welcome to the hallowed halls of Sherlock authordom. And we’ve been waiting so long for you!!

Of course, I’ve known of this story for almost a year and have spent all that time encouraging you to publish it, and I’m going to reproduce a large proportion of the email I sent you back in January when you first let me see this amazing piece of work:

I am utterly, utterly blown away by it. I really am tempted to keep breaking off to go and do the Happy Dance every time I re-read it - and I've re-read it a lot since Verity sent it to me this morning. When you PMd me and said you had sent her something, I threw my arms up in the office, spun around in my chair and said, "Yesssss!" really loudly, and then had to explain to my colleague what I was so excited about, but I was terrified that Verity would email me later and say, "Oh dear; we never should have kept urging her to do this - it's really bad!" And Verity - the clever girl - made absolutely no comment when she forwarded it to me, leaving me to make my own decision about it.

Choco, I will never lie to you and simply be polite. I was dreading having to come up with some carefully worded comments along the lines of, "Oh. Wow. Best wishes, Ari," or "Gosh, you wrote some ... um ... words. They're in the right order and everything," or "Um, well done on writing something that had Sherlock and John in it. So, anyway ... what's the weather like out there?" But that would be no help to you at all. So I'm going to be utterly honest.

Your story is astonishingly good. It's far more than I expected from someone who kept insisting that she can't write. I actually gasped when I got to the bit that revealed that John doesn't know what Sherlock is doing - if that's not an Ariane DeVere twist, I don't know what is, and I don't mean that you're ripping off my style. It was such a beautiful and emotional moment.

And the last two sentences. I'm actually crying as I type this - I mean genuinely, I have tears in my eyes and I can't read those sentences without my eyes welling up each time. They're so gorgeous and sweet and full of love and dammit I can't see what I'm typing.

*stops to blink her eyes clear*

*breaks off to do the Happy Dance again*

In all and utter honesty, sweetie, I can't congratulate you enough - well, not without meeting you and hugging the stuffing out of you. This is a stunning first attempt, and I love you to bits for having had the courage to write it and send it to Verity, and then to allow her to let me and Anarion see it. It's absolutely worthy of the Sherlock fandom and you should be really proud of yourself.

So that’s what I wrote in January, and my opinion hasn’t changed at all since then. Every now and then I go back and read it, and the last bit still makes me cry every single time.

I know you’ve been really nervous about posting this, and am so delighted that you have finally done it, because seriously, Choco, this story is utterly awesome. I love it to pieces –and I love you to pieces for writing such a beautiful, touching and tear-inducing story in your first attempt. Keep writing, honey, because you have a natural talent and I am truly excited about your future as a writer of Sherlock fic.

Love and many many hugs

Ari xx
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