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Date: 4 November 2012 19:05 (UTC)
I am so very glad you posted this. I must admit, until I got to the dressing gown and room I was thinking that I was reading a post-fall. I'm sort of impatient and don't always read the headers... (shame on me). And while I will say that you are the author and they are YOUR words and not to be interpreted differently by the likes of silly me (who can't write at all)...

I sort of liked the image of Sherlock sneaking into John's room post-fall, and John Not Having Nightmares when Sherlock is near. Because John can smell him, or just his soul recognizes Sherlock's presence. And Sherlock being proud of that, knowing that, and taking the risk to come so his John can have some peace.

Be proud of yourself. You did a brave thing. And your words are lovely, lovely, lovely.

Poor lonely, frightened Sherlock. It's sad no matter when you place it. To feel so unworthy of love that he must hide, sneak around, steal little crumbs of togetherness...
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