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Date: 29 October 2012 17:41 (UTC)

I'm so, SO thrilled to see an entry in your lovely journal after all the kicking encouragement that we've been relentlessly devotedly lavishing upon your lovely self for all these months. Admittedly, the process did become easier once we discovered LiveJournal's 'nudge' option, but still... we're talking hours of plotting devotion here :D

This is beautiful, just really, really beautiful. So much atmosphere that the words can't contain it all - it's spilling out over your readers.

Immediately from 'The room is quiet', I am holding my breath, sucked in completely... and no one had best disturb me while I'm reading this - although, I'm not sure I'd notice even if they tried.

I adore 'He has no nightmares when I'm with him.' I love the simple fact of it - and I love Sherlock's tangible pride in the statement.

As Ari says, the last two sentences are exceptionally... I'm not sure of the word... 'tingle-inducing'? Something like that. I really like the way you've split the last one into its own paragraph. It deserves its own paragraph.

Very well done to you, my dear - both for writing something this gorgeous and for having the courage to share it. I feel like I'm having my birthday again!
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